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National Forestry Authority

United States Forest Service African Wildlife Foundation Uganda National Forestry Authority

Fall 2022-Present
Develop and Instill Ecotourism Standards & Guidelines for the Uganda National Forestry Authority

The project will improve the quality and sustainability of eco-tourism activities managed by NFA across Central Forest Reserves in Uganda.

The team is working with the National Forestry Authority staff and partners to review current tourism standards and approaches used by NFA; create new/updated standards and guidelines for developing and managing tourism within NFA landscapes; establish a straightforward and user friendly framework for monitoring and evaluation of tourism activities, as well as provide a work plan for capacity building for NFA staff and partners to utilization the guidelines and standards. In addition the team is reviewing and providing inputs to enhance the NFA Tourism Strategy.

We are working closely with NFA staff, partners, communities and other stakeholders to develop the NFA Ecotourism Guidelines and Standards. Our main focus are the Ecotourism Principles, Guidelines, Standards and Practices.


  • Reviewing the approach and standards underpinning NFA’s management of ecotourism activities in Central Forest Reserves.

  • Creating guidelines for developing and managing eco-tourism in Central Forest Reserves that underpin NFAs ecotourism approach and standards.

  • Developing a straight-forward quality assurance and monitoring framework for ensuring that the ecotourism principles, standards and supporting guidelines are implemented as designed.


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