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Community Conservancy Business Planning & Implementation


RTI International, Conservation Capital


Spring 2022-Ongoing


Review and Update of Business Plans for Community-Based Conservancies in Kidepo Valley, Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo Landscapes

About the Project

An established model will be employed to efficiently implement this assignment.

The steps include:

  • Understand the landscape context and conservation threats

  • Engage conservancy stakeholders in a participatory process toidentify and flesh out business opportunities

  • Commercial planning to understand business opportunities

  • Matching commercial opportunity with conservation threats with afocus on threat mitigation and revenue stream potential

  • Scenario analysis and financial modeling (using an establishedconservancy financial template) to assess different businessscenarios

  • Business plan development

Planned Outcomes

  • A participatory process of review, understanding and prioritization of commercial opportunities with stakeholders in each conservancy

  • Business plans with detailed financial modeling for each community conservancy (3)

  • Detailed implementation plans for each community conservancy

  • Working with conservancy stakeholders to develop tourism experiences in each conservancy

  • Working with conservancy stakeholders to develop a travel philanthropy program in each conservancy

  • Facilitation of investment in one community conservancy

Planned Results

  • 20 community members trained and supported in developing their tourism experiences 

  • Sustainable revenue streams established for conservation actions

  • 15 tourism experiences developed across all conservancies

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