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Conservation Area Business Planning


Conservation Capital


Spring 2022-Ongoing


Provide Tourism Expertise to Conservation Capital Conservation Area Business & Strategic Planning Projects

About the Project

NatureScapes provides tourism specific expertise and support to Conservation Capital’s conservation area business planning projects. Examples of this work include business planning for a conservation ranch in the Pantanal of Brazil, with a focus on the development and enhancement of lodging, tour activities and a travel philanthropy program. NatureScapes is also supporting tourism business planning for an interconnected network of conservation lands in Nepal, with a second phase looking at specific tourism planning and product development in two locations within this landscape.

Planned Outcomes

  • A facilitated process with the clients to think through and prioritize tourism opportunities within their landscapes

  • Market research, visitor profiles and demand dynamics

  • Clear and practical business plans for each landscape

  • Detailed implementation plans for each landscape

  • Support on implementation of next steps

Planned Results

  • Roadmap for client to enhance their activities

  • Strengthened revenue streams for conservation and community

  • Diversification and enhancement of tourism offer in each landscape

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