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Strategy for Sustainable Coastal Tourism


European Union – Tanzania Delegation, Landell Mills


October 2022-March 2023


Develop a practical strategy for the Tanzania Delegation of the European Union and Government of Tanzania for investment in sustainable tourism development along coastal Tanzania and the islands of Zanzibar.

About the Project

NatureScapes were engaged to lead a team in the development of a strategy for sustainable coastal tourism in Tanzania that provided guidance and practical implementation steps for the investment of €30 million to support sustainable tourism in the region.


The strategy was built on a market systems approach and analyzed demand, supply and local enabling environment factors. A detailed set of recommendations and a roadmap for their implementation was also created that focused on technical assistance support, grants and a loan guarantee mechanism to support invest in sustainable technologies, support for development of sustainable tourism in target locations as well as programs to support tourism education for front-line staff, the uptake of sustainable practices in the industry and public-private dialogue to address tax and policy issues.

Planned Outcomes

  • A strategy to guide the investment of €30 million in sustainable tourism

  • Recommendations, budget and next steps

Planned Results

  • Roadmap for the EU to invest in sustainable tourism

  • Enhance sustainability in the tourism sector

  • Enhance revenue for local stakeholders through tourism

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